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Top Notes

  • Green Apple

    Fresh, appetizing, mouthwatering fruity note.

  • Cassis

    Blackcurrant berries yield a green, fresh, yet ammonaic note.

  • Leafy Green

    Green notes are fresh and lively and they are used to make a fragrance feel crisp and sharp.

  • Grapefruit

    A zesty, fresh note in the top providing a lively introduction to the middle notes.

  • Mandarin

    Sweet & fruity with a slight floral undertone.

Heart Notes

  • Sheer Jasmine
    A sweet, narcotic floral with an green or animalic background, Induces joy and happiness with feelings of harmony and optimism.
  • Rose Noir
    Romantic & clean with a powdery woody nuance
  • Freesia
    Intense & refreshing with a pepper green nuance gives a fresh sparkle.

Base Notes

  • Oak Moss
    A lichen which imparts a delicate, rich, earthy feel of the forest.
  • Ambrette Seed
    A vegetal musky note with a light metallic character.
  • Benzoin Siam
    A resin with fixative properties imparting a unique vanilla like note.
  • Tonka Bean
    A warm, intense, intoxicating gourmand character, powdery, bittersweet almond.
  • Musk
    An animalic ingredient balances the compostion and adds sensuality and warmth.
  • Amber
    The resiny remains from ancient trees are sweet, cozy and warm.